It becomes to be represented products to the costumers in safe by testing quality level sensitively.

We assume that

to ensure our goal, 100% customer satisfaction as KAS AUTOMOTIVE management and workers that give a service with products of PRESSED PART, WELDMENT PRODUCTION AND MOULD MANUFACTURING to the automotive industry, and besides to glad our shareholders and community;

to apply our quality system in all our units at full strength by making no concessions to the quality of product and service;

to collaborate with our costumer and vendors within the scope of the seasonable delivery, appropriate price policies.

to ensure appropriate technology and substructure along with conscious participation of our workers while we are implementing our transactions.

to use continuous improvement principle in all our units.

to carry out the claims of our customers about the environment, and environmental laws, legislation while we are implementing all our transactions.

to comply with worker’s health and work safety laws 100%.