Human Resources
KAS AUTOMOTIVE employees must comply with the company’s corporate policy and national human rights rules and regulations, and this should be a continuous follower of activities that may be vulnerable and share with management.

Working Conditions
Child Worker: KAS AUTOMOTIVE Under 15 years of age, the personnel will not be employed except in the case of legal regulations such as apprenticeship, education.

Forced Labor: KAS AUTOMOTIVE will not create a forced working environment and will not have disciplinary practices based on the use of physical force.

Harassment and Discrimination: KAS AUTOMOTIVE will in no way concede discrimination and harassment behavior based on issues such as gender, race, color, religion, age, country, among its employees.

Worker Healty and Safety: KAS AUTOMOTIVE will provide the health and safety conditions specified by applicable rules and regulations for all employees.

Working Hours: KAS AUTOMOTIVE will work on an appropriate level of legal working hours.

It is not acceptable to give or receive gifts, money, etc. that would affect the behavior of the employee in any circumstances under the conditions of the company.

Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability
The company will take action to reduce the impact of its processes on the environment with a conservative policy on environment and health and will proceed with the strategy of sustainable resource use in the long run.

Responsibility and Practice
KAS AUTOMOTIVE will encourage all its solution partners to work in accordance with this policy and will enforce sanctions in this direction.

All company employees should inform the company management when they find a behavior that is against this policy. This communication can be made directly to top management by writing to

General Manager